A tutti i Soci,

è disponibile presso l’Università di Poitiers una posizione di dottorato sulla seguente tematica di ricerca:

“Effect of acidic conditions on confinement properties of porous media rich in analcime”

Funding and place of work: this position is funded by 50% by the Graduate School « Intree » (Interfaces for aeronautic, energy and environment; training formation « Investissements d’avenir ») conducted by Poitiers University and 50% by ORANO company, and will be held in the University of Poitiers at the IC2MP Institute (team E2, HydrASA) under the supervision of Emmanuel Tertre and Sophie Billon (IC2MP) and Michael Descostes (ORANO Company). Furthermore, the PhD student fellow will be required to undertake regular visits at ORANO Company (Paris).

How to apply: Application will be sent to emmanuel.tertre@univ-poitiers.fr and sophie.billon@univ-poitiers.fr.How apply: The application file should contain a detailed CV, copies of the university or engineer school marks (Master level), a motivation letter for this proposal and letters of two referees.

Application deadline: no later than May 1st 2021.

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