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abstract submission for the European Mineralogical Conference – held online from Aug 29 till Sep 02- is now open. We would like to bring to your attention to the session


The high reactivity and unique structure and properties of zeolites make them powerful materials in engineering, environmental protection, agriculture and novel technological applications. This session will be dedicated to presentations in the fields of mineralogy, soil science, technology of natural and syntethic zeolites to discuss the characterization, properties and applications of such intriguing materials. Contributions are welcome from all areas including: mineralogy, physics and chemistry of zeolites, experimental and modeling studies of zeolite properties, functionalization, novel applications in engineering and environmental protection, agriculture, building materials, catalysts, medicine and cultural heritage research. The session target will be building a bridge to connect scientists from mineralogy, soil science, engineering and all the other fields involved in the study of natural zeolites and their synthetic counterparts.

The keynote speaker will be Prof. Yongjae Lee from the Yonsei University of Seoul with a contribution entitled “Pressure-induced hydration in porous and layered minerals

Abstract deadline is 31st May.

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Rossella Arletti, Tomasz Bajda, Paolo Lotti